Aircraft Carrier Explosion
Aircraft Carrier Explosion
Aircraft Carrier Explosion
Vital statistics
Series Seconds from Disaster
Title Aircraft Carrier Explosion
Airdate August 15, 2006
Disaster USS Forrestal Fire
Date July 29, 1967
Kind Marine
Nature Accidental Rocket Firing, Munition Detonation
Fatalities 132

Aircraft Carrier Explosion is the 34th episode of Seconds from Disaster and says how the aircraft carrier Forrestal caught fire.

Plot Edit

Fighter aircraft on the aircraft carrier USS Forrestal prepare to launch for a sortie over Vietnam. An electrical power surge together with an ineffective safety mechanism and altered weapon-arming procedures cause the accidental firing of a Zuni rocket. The rocket strikes another armed and fuelled aircraft, starting a fire that detonates various munitions. Firefighting efforts inadvertently spread the fire below deck. The disaster kills 132 personnel with a further 161 wounded and 2 missing, presumed dead.