Asian Tsunami
Asian Tsunami
Asian Tsunami
Vital statistics
Series Seconds from Disaster
Title Asian Tsunami
Airdate October 25, 2006
Disaster 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake
Date December 26, 2004
Kind Natural
Nature Massive Megathrust Earthquake, Ocean-Wide Tsunami
Fatalities 230,000

Asian Tsunami is the 39th episode of Seconds from Disaster and changes tsunami laws by finding the answer.

Plot Edit

The second largest earthquake in 40 years with a magnitude of 9.3 strikes the town of Banda Aceh, Indonesia. This was known as a megathrust earthquake. It rocked Indonesia for eight minutes. Soon, it unleashes a tsunami which takes nearly 230,000 lives all along the coast of the Indian Ocean.

Cause of deathsEdit

The buildings were built to withstand earthquakes, but not tsunamis. Therefore, the houses were swept away, killing 230,000 people.