Eruption on Montserrat
Eruption on Montserrat
Eruption on Montserrat
Vital statistics
Series Seconds from Disaster
Title Eruption on Montserrat
Airdate March 7, 2007
Disaster 1995-1997 Soufrière Hills Eruption
Date July 18, 1995-December 26, 1997
Kind Natural
Nature Volcanic Eruption, Lava Dome Collapse, Pyroclastic Flows
Fatalities 19

Eruption on Montserrat is the 45th episode of Seconds from Disaster an tells how did Soufrière Hills volcano's eruption took everyone by surprise.

Plot Edit

On the Caribbean island of Montserrat is the Soufrière Hills volcano. Nearby is Plymouth, the island's capital. In 1995, Soufrière Hills came to life and spewed ash over the island. Everyone is evacuated to the north of Montserrat. Two years on, the eruptions get worse and in 1997, Soufrière Hills erupts violently. Pyroclastic flows rage down the mountain and destroy Plymouth and Bramble Airport, killing 19 people. It generates a small tsunami. People crowd onto ships to escape their home, knowing it's been destroyed.

Trivia Edit

  • This episode mainly focuses on the events of July 25, 1997.

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