Hotel Collapse Singapore
Hotel Collapse Singapore
Hotel Collapse Singapore
Vital statistics
Series Seconds from Disaster
Title Hotel Collapse Singapore
Airdate September 25, 2005
Disaster Hotel New World Disaster
Date March 15, 1986
Kind Collapse
Nature Construction Error, Column Failure, Design Flaw
Fatalities 33

Hotel Collapse Singapore is the 22nd episode of Seconds from Disaster and finds out how did a hotel got down so fast.

Plot Edit

Hotel New World, a 1-star budget hotel located in Singapore's Little India district, collapses due to growing microcracks in the failing columns. It was a result caused due to wrong calculation on the building weight distribution by the constructing engineer of the project. After a seven day rescue operation, 17 people are saved, but 33 perish.


It turns out that the additional weight of the recently-bought safe in the bank occupying the 1st floor, the air-conditionings on the rooftop and the ceramic tiles on its exterior as a decoration made the building too heavy to support itself, cracking three main support columns and eventually, on the day of the disaster, all three columns failed and the hotel collapses.