Inferno in Guadalajara
Inferno in Guadalajara
Inferno in Guadalajara
Vital statistics
Series Seconds from Disaster
Title Inferno in Guadalajara
Airdate August 24, 2004
Disaster Guadalajara Gas Explosions
Date April 22, 1992
Kind Explosion
Nature Metal-to-Metal Corrosion, Sewer Gas Leak
Fatalities 206

Inferno in Guadalajara is the 8th episode of Seconds from Disaster and remakes the true cause of the gas explosion.

Plot Edit

Days after residents of Guadalajara complained of a foul smell, a series of gasoline-fueled explosions in the sewers kills 206 people.


  1. New water pipes, made of zinc-coated iron, were built too close to an existing steel gasoline pipeline. The
    • The aftermath of the explosions
    • Volunteers helping to clear the wreckage and looking for survivors
    underground humidity caused these materials to create an electrolytic reaction, this reaction is akin to that which occurs inside a zinc-carbon battery, as the reaction proceeded it eventually caused the steel gasoline pipe to corrode, creating a hole in the pipeline that permitted gasoline to leak into the ground and into the main sewer pipe.
  2. The sewer pipe had been recently rebuilt into a U-shape so that the city could expand their underground railway system. Usually sewers are built in a slope so that gravity helps move waste along. In order to get the U-shape to work, an inverted siphon was placed so that fluids could be pushed against gravity. The design was flawed, however. While liquids were successfully pumped through, gases were not, and gasoline fumes would build up.
  3. A torn electric cable created a spark, igniting the gas cocktail, creating multiple explosions.