Munich Olympic Massacre
Munich Olympic Massacre
Munich Olympic Massacre
Vital statistics
Series Seconds from Disaster
Title Munich Olympic Massacre
Airdate September 13, 2006
Disaster Munich Massacre
Date September 5-6, 1972
Kind Terrorism
Nature Electrical Failure, Central Fuel Tank Explosion
Fatalities 17

Munich Olympic Massacre is the 36th episode of Seconds from Disaster and finds out how did an operation got so bad.

Plot Edit

During the Olympic Games in Munich, 11 Israeli athletes are held hostage by Palestinian terrorists. They demand the list of Palestine prisoners in exchange for the release of the athletes. But at Fürstenfeldbruck Airport, a rescue attempt goes wrong and by 12:01 am on the next day, 17 people are dead.


The plane Isla and his deputy said to have board was a Boeing 727 but the plane they enter is a Boeing 747.