Russia's Nuclear Sub Nightmare
Russia's Nuclear Sub Nightmare
Russia's Nuclear Sub Nightmare
Vital statistics
Series Seconds from Disaster
Title Russia's Nuclear Sub Nightmare
Airdate April 18, 2006
Disaster K-141 Kursk
Date August 12, 2000
Kind Marine
Nature Hydrogen Peroxide Leak, Chemical Reaction, Poor Maintenance
Fatalities 118

Russia's Nuclear Sub Nightmare is the 29th episode of Seconds from Disaster and explains what knocked nuclear sub Kursk.

Plot Edit

During a training mission, a leaking torpedo on board the Kursk leaks hydrogen peroxide. It reacts with rust in the submarine and blasts the front of the Kursk. Although the submarine had explosion proof walls, the explosion spread through the ventilation shafts. 135 seconds later, another explosion rocks the submarine. Then it sinks, killing all but 23 men on board. While they wait to be rescued, special boards that produce oxygen to breathe drop into the oily floor, starting a reaction that creates a fire, killing the survivors.