Sinking of HMS Coventry
Sinking of HMS Coventry
Sinking of HMS Coventry
Vital statistics
Series Seismic Seconds
Title Sinking of HMS Coventry
Airdate Unknown
Disaster HMS Coventry Sinking
Date May 25, 1982
Kind Marine
Nature Enemy Aircraft Bombing, Failed Intercept by HMS Broadsword
Fatalities 19

Sinking of HMS Coventry is the 5th episode of Seismic Seconds and researches about the warship's sinking.

Plot Edit

During the Falklands War, two British warships - HMS Coventry and HMS Broadsword - prepared for battle, tasked with defending the British fleet from air attack. An attack force of Argentinian aircraft bombed the Coventry and the Broadsword. One bomb hit the Broadsword but failed to explode until it had exited the ship's hull. Three bombs hit the Coventry, of which two exploded on board. The Coventry capsized shortly afterwards and sank the next day. Nineteen crew members were killed.