The Bali Bombing
The Bali Bombing
The Bali Bombing
Vital statistics
Series Seconds from Disaster
Title The Bali Bombing
Airdate September 20, 2005
Disaster 2002 Bali Bombings
Date October 12, 2002
Kind Terrorism
Nature Suicide, Mobile-Started and Truck Bombs
Fatalities 202

The Bali Bombing is the 21st episode of Seconds from Disaster and investigates against time to discover the responsible.

Plot Edit

Bombers in Bali attempt to detonate bombs in three different places. The first, a suicide bomb, is detonated in a small nightclub across the road from another nightclub, the Sari Club. A second bomb, a truck filled with explosives parked outside the Sari Club explodes 15 seconds after the first. 45 seconds later, a third mobile activated bomb detonates outside the United States Consulate. The total death toll is 202.